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This is appendix to Exploration rulebook edition no.3

p.5 - Outer Space - correction

  • "D: Outer Space space - in a situation where your spaceship can fly off of the board, put a random Outer Space Hex tile near the board..."

  • “p.15 for more info”

p.6 - Attribute, Resistance - correction

  • "...and a resistance token underneath the rightmost icon."

p.11 - Purchase Spaceship - correction

  • "If all of the spaceship cards you drew are of a higher tech level than yours, for 1 credit you may keep drawing additional spaceships until you draw one that isn't."

p.10 - Technology tree - correction

  • 6a - “Take 1 development card out of the 5 available in the Development Card Row“. The Icon means the same for the hex tile and development card.

p.10 - Technology tree - additional information

  • If there is no card in the row, matching your current tech level, you can’t get any card.

p.12-14 - Exploration Actions explanation:

  • There are three types of Exploration Actions: 

  1. Related to the Velocity attribute. This group includes: Launch, Constant Speed Flight, Precise Flight, Position Hold and Ranged Attack. You can’t combine these actions together. For example, you cannot do Position Hold and Precise Flight within one turn. 

  2. Intentional Actions. You decide to do them and you can combine these actions together with an action related to the Velocity attribute. This group includes: Change Orbital Direction and/or Increase/Decrease Orbit, Victory Module Drop, GNSS/Trap drop, Module transfer. For example you can do precise flight -> Increase Orbit -> Module drop in one turn.

  3. Result Actions. You must do them, because they are the result of other actions. This group includes: Formation, Strike, Avoid Obstacle. You can combine these actions together with an action connected with the Velocity attribute.

  • There is no limit of Actions per turn. The only limitations are Velocity and Energy.

  • If spaceship ends its turn on the point occupied by:

A) Opponent’s spaceship or GNSS - the result action is Strike

B) Friendly spaceship - the result action is Formation

p.12 - Spaceship Launch - correction

  • “see page 10 for spaceships abilities”

p.12 - Spaceship Launch - additional information

  • If you want to do a Spaceship Launch and something else is in the space above your Spaceport, the result is Strike.

p.12 - Constant Speed Flight - additional information

  • You will recover 1 energy after Constant Speed Flight, when you combine it with: Module Transfer, Formation or without combination.

  • You will not recover 1 energy after Constant Speed Flight, when you combine it with: Change Orbital Direction and/or Increase/Decrease Orbit, Victory Module Drop, GNSS/Trap drop, Strike, Avoid Obstacle.

p.13 - Module Transfer - additional information

  • Module Transfer may happen during normal movement, so movement can continue afterwards. 

p.13 - Victory Module Drop - correction

  • “If the ship's maneuverability is less or equal than SPM, roll the Maneuver die.“

p.13 - Victory Module Drop - additional information

  • Victory Module/GNSS/Trap drop can happen after movement is finished or before movement is started. Can’t be done in the middle of the other action. For example you can’t move -> drop module -> move again.

  • After successful Victory module drop, place a control cube only once. One space = one cube.

p.13 - GNSS drop - additional information

  • You can drop GNSS / Trap modules also after an Increase/Decrease Orbit even if the spaceship never passed through that space.

  • You can drop GNSS on a space occupied by an opponent or friendly spaceship (the same as the Trap module). Spaceships will receive an Experience point. This situation is useless from the strategic point of view, but it is possible.

  • You can transfer GNSS/trap modules between two friendly spaceships during movement, but you cannot drop them.

p.13 - Avoiding Obstacles - correction

  • “it cannot jump over opponent spaceship”

  • “start a Strike which ends movement”

p.13 - Avoiding Obstacles - additional information

  • Avoiding Obstacles is not applicable to friendly spaceship’s

p.14 - Strike - additional information

  • It is not possible to Strike a friendly spaceship

  • You don’t receive a Frag token for destroying GNSS

  • After Strike a formation, struck ship must change orbit direction (as in a regular strike)

p.14 - Ranged Attack - correction 

  • "A Ranged attack requires the entire speed of the ship to be used up. Spaceship holds the position (it doesn’t move this turn and it doesn’t cost energy).

p.14 - Ranged Attack - additional information

  • Ranged Attack cost 1 energy for each turret module. 

  • Range is equal to actual velocity (including all bonuses, even temporary from maneuver cards). 

  • Traps and GNSS modules cannot be destroyed with ranged attacks?

p.14 - Trap detonation - additional information

  • There is no limitation for Trap module drop on the same space. It is possible to drop two or more Trap modules on the space above the opponent's spaceship or on the space already occupied by another spaceship. There are no left-over traps. For example a spaceship with 1 resistance will detonate all 3 Traps dropped on the space.

  • the trap dropped on formation affects all spaceships in formation.

p.15 - Outer Space Exploration - additional information

  • Any new Hex tile is drawn randomly. 

  • The Hex tiles remain in place after the spacecraft is discarded.

  • Each exit from the main board has its own Hex.

  • When your spaceship enters Outer Space Exploration mode, it cannot recover energy, because Constant Speed Flight is not available anymore.

  • All spaceships receive the reward from tiles.

  • Two (or more) spaceships can share the same hex tile without Strike action.

p.18 - Solo Mode - additional information

  • to increase the difficulty level of AI, ignore maneuver checks by AI.

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