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Ply Games at One More Game in Wrocław 2022

The main tasks for September were related to the preparations for Spiel'22.However, before I write about Essen, I would like to report on the event that took place on September 24-25 in our city - Wrocław.

One More Game (that's the name of the event) was visited by almost 3,000 participants, which is quite a good result for the first event of this type. The event took place in The Centinnian Hall, in the center of Wrocław.

One More Game is not only playing board games. All attractions are described on their website.

For Ply Games, this event was special for another reason as well.This time we decided to have a slightly larger stand: D. Our team consisted of 5 people.On two tables we played Exploration and the first demo of Six Sided Summoner (Btw. A lot has changed since then, but this is a topic for a different news).

One day before take-off.

The reception of the participants was amazing. We played practically from start to finish at 19:00 or even longer. Unfortunately, the last games could not be finished on both days, but thanks to courtesy of the security, we were able to stay with our guests 30 minutes longer. In short, during the day:

  • we have introduced telephone reservations,

  • we combined different groups of players so that there were always 5 people at the table,

  • there was a person who played with us twice!

Confirmed - together with learning the rules, a five-player game takes about 3 hours.

The whole weekend was crazy, but it reminded us of the foundations of our hobby - enjoying interpersonal interactions, meeting new people or just having fun together.

We had a great time, and we managed to get interested and meet a lot of people. It was a really good time.

Finally, I would like to add that such events are an ideal place to meet people from the industry and networking.I hope you will find out more about the contacts we met soon.In the next news we will try to present you a report from Spiel '22, but everyone who has ever been there knows that it will be difficult to describe in this kind of short news ;)

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