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Exploration board game cover image


Join the new Space Race in a space themed game with innovative orbital movement mechanics for 1-5 players.

Exploration is an innovative space themed game with a mix of deckbuilder, area control and unique orbital movement mechanics. You will take control of corporations at the start of the new Space   Race. Send out colonization ships, dispatch science expeditions,  collect  resources, modify your designs, develop new technology, or even   sabotage your opponent’s missions. 

  • Unique orbital movement mechanics greatly increasing game immersion 

  • Spaceship fleet deckbuilding game 

  • Area control  

  • A flexible strategy depending on your opponent's moves 

  • 30 - 150 minutes of gameplay for 1 - 5 players  

  • Solo mode

Cape cannaveral
Exploration board game mockup

What is in the box?

Hours of space missions, and

  • 1 Double-sided SPACE MAP board

  • 3 SPACE MAP expansions: Venus, Jpiter's Moons, Ceres

  • 5 Spaceport (player's) boards

  • 40 Spaceship miniatures

  • 40 Spaceship cards (140 x 90 mm)

  • 20 Solo mode cards (100 x 70 mm)

  • 54 Cards (88 x 63 mm)

  • 42 Mission cards (67 x 44 mm)

  • 60 Plastic cubes

  • 126 Other components

  • 1 Maneuver dice


Gameplay highlights


Build up your fleet with an array of ships, from transporters to destroyers, and everything in between. Some ships rely on speed and maneuverability, while others boast impressive shields and armaments. Build your fleet to your faction’s strengths to gain dominance of near-Earth space.

USS Nimrod

Orbital maneuver movement

The Space is immeasurable and your only limitation is the energy that determines the paths of space exploration. The rule is simple, the more complex the maneuver you want to do, the more energy it consumes. You must be well prepared to build a habitat on Mars!

Orbital maneuver


Riches and experiences await intrepid explorers, and those who make their way to the space beyond gain even greater  rewards. But beware, for with unexplored space comes unfortunate events. Explore effectively to get ahead of the competition.

Geysers on Enceladus


When the competition gets fierce, only the strong  survive. Attack  other factions to hinder their progress—and increase  your own. Some  ships can take more of a beating than others, so plan  carefully, or  risk being on the receiving end of a deadly counter  attack.

Exploration fight for moon


Earn points by completing secret missions, destroying enemy spaceships, gathering resources, and more. But be wary of your opponents, because they’re also out there with the intent to  control near-Earth space. Use your resources to gain the upper hand and show the other factions who deserves the right to this final frontier.

Arrived on the Earth
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