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Exploration: Warzone

Big-small game for the spaceship battle and take that enthusiasts.

Exploration: Warzone is a space themed game in which players take control of spaceships with different skills and jump into a space battle.

This is a dynamic filler game in which the most important part is  that you need to assess what your opponent's next move will be. Should  you attack, defend, recover, avoid battle, collect VP or use spaceship  skills? That is the question.

Pocket size and quick gameplay (quick but full of emotions) makes it perfect game for a warm up before playing hard strategy sci-fi games.

Baikonur cosmodrome
Warzone mockup

What is in the box?

Hours of space battles, and

  • 3 Spaceship hex cards

  • 3 Relic hex cards

  • 9 War hex cards

  • 21 Action hex cards

  • 36 Resource tokens

Gameplay highlights


- Last man standing wins
- Relic owner - first player has two relics
- Dominator - first player has 15 VP
- End of the time - The player who has the most points wins.

Hohman transfer


Build your deck with action cards, war cards and relics. Play them to utilize one of 9 possible actions.

Space cards


4 types of resources can give you an adventage over your opponents. Manage them carefully to find the best ballance between technology, experience and battling.

Income tokens


Interact which other players:
- Steal resources
- Escape to increase offensive potential
- Battle

Half card


Simple but not crude card system. Evaluate what card the opponent will play and win. Easy? Not necessarily. One more thing, play carefully as the War hexes diminishes during each combat. Sometimes it's better to take damage than to become vulnerable.

Battle cards


Every spaceship has a different ability which can be used only once per game. So use it wisely!

Variable player powers
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