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Updated: Feb 14

To make it easier for you to access information about our work, new games, coverage of events in which we participate and more, we invite you to subscribe to our e-newsletter. At the same time, I would like to inform you about a few rules that we will follow:

  1. No spam.The purpose of this newsletter is to summarize for you all the information related to Ply Games in a given month.

  2. The e-newsletter will not contain any marketing information that is not related to the activities of Ply Games (no Third-party advertisement).

  3. We will not share your contact information to anyone else! The personal information we use to send our newsletter will be secured and managed in accordance with our privacy policy and GDPR.

  4. Newsletters of each month will be published in the archive section with a one-month delay.

  5. If you want to discuss the content of the e-newsletter or any other topic, please leave a comment.

This entry will be updated, if there is something new, we will gradually add it to the list.

Why is it worth signing up?

It is worth joining our newsletter, also because of the perks that we prepare for our subscribers every time during the Kickstarter campaign:

  • Exploration KS - $10 shipping discount

  • Warzone KS - free zine RPG

  • Six Sided Summoner KS - to be discussed

E-Newsletter archive

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Has the January E-newsletter been sent?

Jan 25, 2023
Replying to

The January Newsletter was sent today.Let's agree that the next ones will be sent on the last Wednesday of each month ;).

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