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November update

Exploration Review by 'Ekipa przy Planszy'

Our esteemed reviewers at 'Ekipa przy Planszy' have done an outstanding job with an in-depth video guide on how to play Exploration. We invite you to judge it for yourself – their insights are invaluable. Additionally, we're delighted to announce our ongoing collaboration with them on a video related to Six Sided Summoner. Stay tuned for more details!

Subtitles for the Exploration video are in the works for all language versions, though please bear with us as we channel all our resources into the development of Six Sided Summoner.

Join the Conversation in our Facebook Group - PLy Tabletop Games!

Our Facebook group dedicated to Exploration board game has been dormant for a while, but we're reviving it now! Expect regular updates related to tabletop gaming, posted approximately once a day or every two days – depending on the exciting finds we come across. We also encourage you to share anything and everything related to board games, not limited to our own creations. After all, we're avid fans of all board games ;)

In a strategic move, we're renaming the group to "Ply Tabletop Games" effective immediately. We extend a warm invitation to everyone who hasn't joined yet. Let's make it a hub for all things tabletop gaming!

Six Sided Summoner Development Update

Buckle up for an extensive blog post dedicated to the development of Six Sided Summoner! While the details are reserved for the upcoming post, we can share that a lot is happening. Since the Demo version's release on Tabletopia, your feedback has been instrumental. Currently working on version 0.9.1, as showcased on our Instagram, we promise a game transformation with a brand-new visual design from version 0.9 onward. Your evaluation of this makeover will be eagerly awaited in the next update.

Stay tuned for more exciting developments and insights into the world of Ply Tabletop Games! Thank you for being part of our gaming journey.

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