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Exploration: Warzone has its official release on BGA!

Board Game Arena is an online platform where you can play the board games with other people. It was created in 2010 by Grégory Isabelli and Emmanuel Colin. They started by implementing popular games and are now expanding their activities significantly by collaborating with indie developers such as Ply Games.

Due to the huge interest in their platform, in december last year they decided to create a "game calendar" event, in which a new game will be released every day. They decided this summer to make a "game calendar" event similar to the one they did in december. Each day the players would be able to dig a "new treasure" from the sand, getting achievements for doing so regularly.

Exploration: Warzone will be released on 24th of August, so feel free to play and enjoy the "game calendar" event on BGA and play the Exploration: Warzone!

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