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Game Update 0.9.4: Significant modification of actions, combat upgrade and miniature design of fantasy adventure board game.

Game Upgrade: v.0.9.4 - June 2 2024

Here's a quick overview of the changes in this fantasy adventure board game:

Revisions (at this stage of development it's hard to call something a new feature):

  • Combination of MOVE and EXPLOIT actions - a change proposed by many testers. From now on, the game becomes significantly more dynamic, while at the same time we still avoid aimlessly walking around the map. In version 094, you always activate the "unown pickup token" tile after moving your character. This also forces changes to character cards and dice, but more on that later.

  • Removing one row (EXPLOIT skill) from the character card - this change was significant for the balance of the game, so the costs of placing a tile in the development tree and double actions were also modified.

  • The combination of the MOVE and EXPLOIT actions also resulted in a significant change in the dies. Instead of the EXPLOIT icon, dice now has an "O" symbol - indicating failure during the throw. This modification introduces a small element of randomness, making the fights less generic and potentially surprising (sometimes).

  • Other graphical changes.

The above changes significantly affect the gameplay balance that we have been working on in recent months. In addition, we are still considering improving the combat to make it as simple as possible, shortening the downtime while other players wait, while maintaining its depth. While waiting for the next update, I encourage you to play on Tabletopia.

Six sided summoner version 094 on Tabletopia


We have completed the design of all the miniatures that will be in the game. We will soon provide more details about the character available in the game.

Best RPG miniatures

Physical prototype

We are preparing prototypes for review. We have confirmed the first samples of printed components, the quality of which (for a prototype) is excellent. We will probably make an unboxing video of the prototype soon.

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