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Ply Games summer 2022

In June, we visited two festivals in Poland, RetroSfera and Pyrkon. These are two definitely different events in terms of scale and subject matter.

RetroSfera - is an event taking place in Brzeg, a town with a population of 36000, the main attraction of which is the possibility of playing all kinds of consoles and electronic games you can imagine. In addition, this year, the organizers decided to expand the event with a board games room, which we created together with the local Sowa bookstore. We met many interesting people: the local guild of players, World of Warcraft fanatics and even the translator of the Polish version of Gloomhaven!

Just before opening!
Exploration on the table

To sum up, a great atmosphere, people full of enthusiasm, brilliantly spent two days, which were the quintessence of our hobby!

Pyrkon '22 - this is an event of a completely different scale. The event itself in 2022 was attended by as many as 56,404 people! (This is more than all the inhabitants of Brzeg!). Pyrkon is an event that connects fans of fantasy: games, books, comics, etc. Focused on lectures and cosplay with the famous "Masquerade" competition. This year's hit was also the performance of Percival Schuttenbach, known mainly from the soundtrack to The Witcher 3!

The board game zone consisted of two halls. The exhibitors' booths were located in the first of them, and the enormous Games Room was in the second.

There was such an attendance all the time!

and even greater :D

It was our debut as exhibitors at this type of fair, which we will remember very well. We managed to meet (and play!) People from all over Poland.

Do we look like newbies?

If you ever plan to visit Poland, visiting Pyrkon is an additional attraction that you should include during your stay.

In July, we started the fulfillment of the Warzone campaign. Unfortunately (as is usually the case with crowdfunding campaigns) we had some problems during production which resulted in some delay. Fortunately, most of the games have already been delivered, but there are still a few people who have not completed the pledge manager…

At Pyrkon we also showed graphics and miniatures for our new game, which we will write more about soon. However, we would already like to invite you to play with us at two upcoming events, at which we will be exhibitors:

Soon more information about our new engine builder RPG for 1-8 players. Upss...

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