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Experience outer space anywhere from your pocket.

After the success of Exploration, we wanted to expand our IP, so we started by developing a simple game based on a paper-rock-scissors scheme. From the beginning, the game was designed to be played in various non-standard places, in external conditions prone to abrasion, UV rays and water wear.

As we were in the Covid-19 pandemic (May 2020), we decided to try BGA as a platform for testing the game. To date, over 3,700 players have participated in over 2,300 games, and we have received a lot of valuable feedback. We decided to improve the gameplay.

“But thank you so much for improving the game. So many designers don't bother. Sounds like you're on the right track.” - Shampoo4you

The crude mechanics have been replaced by proven systems without randomness, we've added two new victory conditions, introduced a micro-economy based on 3 types of resources, and doubled the number of possible actions to play.

“Exploration: Warzone is a unique game - the battle hexes give a new way to choose actions and resolve them, and I liked this a lot. (...) Game provides a fine amount of room to some smart plays, catching others off guard, and leading the game to unexpected directions and/or results. ” - tiagoVIP

Along with the redevelopment of the game, the idea of preparing a physical copy that meets the criteria of games in difficult conditions has returned. Therefore, on the 11th of November, we invite you to support the KS campaign, thanks to which Ply Games community members will be able to enjoy the game in spring 2022. Join Day-1 and discover all the surprises we have prepared.

“Exploration: Warzone is a big-small game for the spaceship battle and take that enthusiasts”

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Official website: Exploration: Warzone

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