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Six Sided Summoner developement status #1

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

In this post, I would like to briefly present the changes in the game compared to the original version and tell you at what stage the game is currently at.

Six Sided Summoner (2018) vs Six Sided Summoner (2024)

the first version was intended to be a cooperative tactical game inspired by MOBA and Tower Defense games.A simple mob movement system - attacking shadows, unique character skills and eye-catching design made the game look pretty good as a whole.After a few tests, I think the game is quite good, although after the second or third game, I started to lack some depth in it. That's why, after spotting the game on The Game Crafter (now it is not available for sale), I decided to contact the Creator and start working together to unleash the game's full potential.

Let's move on to the scope of modifications, based on the description from the previous KS campaign:

  • Rich fantasy artwork.

It's the main driving force of this game! We're going to crank it up even more.

  • 6 unique guardian characters. Each playable character has their own playstyle and twists. Different attacks and passive abilities mean each one feels entirely different!

The asymmetry in character selection will be less at the expense of the extensive character building mode straight from RPG games.

  • Cooperative tactical gameplay allows you to combine your ability and put your heads together to come out on top.

The game will consist of several scenarios that can be played in the form of a campaign or a skirmish. We assume that at least one of them will be in the form of co-op, but it will not be the main mechanic of the game as a whole.

  • A wonderfully illustrated tactical grid with varied terrain. The map can be further altered during play by placing tokens with your guardians' special abilities.

Variety of terrain and modifications of the area with character skills remain.Locations will be exploitable, which will also affect gameplay behavior.The difference will be the grid itself, which will be a bit less tactical and hex shaped.

  • Randomized abilities for both players and enemies making each game unique! Additionally, enemy abilities are revealed over the course of the game, meaning you'll have to stay on your toes and improvise new strategies.

This goal is achieved through a type of event cards (called chaos cards).In the new version we will keep the chaos cards, but there will be even more things that affect the way you interact with the world.As a result, defeating some bosses will require a combination of multiple strategies.

  • 1 to 4 player cooperative mode.

Depending on the scenario, entertainment will be provided from 1 to 8 players.

  • Two player competitive mode for increased playability and competition.

We plan to add interesting mechanisms of negative interaction: combat that will not lead to extermination, stealing resources and items, using spells to weaken opponents, and limiting or even removing enemy skills.

  • Estimated 1 hour play time.

Tests so far confirm that the game time should be within 30 minutes.per player.Of course, it all depends on the victory conditions in a given scenario.

Development status in February 2023

We are working a lot on tests regarding: balancing, fine-tuning the rules, testing the user interface, etc. Unfortunately, the current prototypes are still without illustrations, so we can't show you too much.

There have already been seven iterations, and the list of issues to consider has long since exceeded two hundred.This will be good material for content in the style of a creator's diary, which we may publish.

In the meantime, stay tuned and until the next post!

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