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Six Sided Summoner developement status #2

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

Welcome to the second post regarding the development status of our new game. In this post, I will focus a little more on the visual aspect of this fairy-tale world that we are creating together with our team.

Front box cover

The Six Sided Summoner is a game in which players take control of summoners who try to save a fairy-tale world from the attack of mysterious shadows that appear in the land with the arrival of night.To this end, players roam the world, actively expanding it with the ability to summon, meet NPCs, complete quests for them and defeat monsters.

Game mechanics preview - Map

The fairy-tale world mentioned in the description in version 0.7 consists of six locations. Each location has a unique effect that is activated by a visiting player:

  • Cloudy mountains

  • Volcanic crystal craters

  • A lively forest

  • Golden lagoon

  • Town

  • Poisonous wetlands

BGG page

We set up a game page on BGG. If you are interested in the game project, I encourage you to be active. Every interaction you make will help us promote Six Sided Summoner.

In the next few days, we intend to continue working on the graphics of the remaining components.Stay tuned.

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