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Six Sided Summoner developement status #4

Over the last few weeks, we have improved many aspects that proved to be problematic after playing many hours in the Demo version. In this post, I'm not going to go too deep into the details of the modifications made (I'll publish a comprehensive designer diary on BGG at a later stage). Let's focus on the direction of the game's development and its next steps.

Game rules changes

Rework of the combat system

The previous combat system was too clichéd. Decisions were made by players in advance and were more related to the preparation for the fight than to the fight itself. The new system is more tactical (you'll have a lot more decisions to make), but it won't lose any dynamism - you'll still be able to play them very fast, without unnecessary downtime. From the very beginning of the encounter you will be able to choose whether you are going to fight, run away or use persuasion on your opponent. In addition, you will use modifiers to perform a counterattack, and the consequences of ending the fight will be different if you choose to win or deal as much damage as possible to your opponent.

Implementation of a more unique damage system

Instead of the classic Hit Points, we decided to introduce the Wound and character status mechanics, which will limit the character's ability to perform actions.

Introduction of Action Points

In the previous version of the game, AP only existed theoretically - we had cubes that marked the number of turns. In the current version, the amount of AP a player has will be able to change during the game, depending on the decisions made.

Game components

One of the key changes to improve the coherence of rules and graphics was the introduction of token systematization.

  • Cubes mark all resources in the game that can be collected from the map and spent during various activities.

  • Tokens provide information for example: about the negative status of the character, about controlling the territory, about a special event in a given location, etc.

These simple changes significantly contributed to the acceleration of learning the rules and improving their understanding during blind tests.


During the tests, we noticed that the visual aspect of the rulebook itself, as well as the systematization of game components, is very important for improving the testers' understanding of the rules.For this reason, we will focus on preparing high-quality instructions from the very beginning.

Old style (On the left) vs high-quality rulebook (On the right)t

Next steps and plan for demo release

We are currently working on version 0.7.4 where we are focusing on improving items.After the work is completed, we will have to carry out tests confirming the readiness to release the Demo version on Tabletopia.In the next post we will inform you about the release of the demo and about the development plans for the full version of the game!

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