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Six Sided Summoner - Game Development Document

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

Game overview

Pitch line

Engine builder RPG for 1-8 players in a fairy-tale setting with a unique lore.

Core concept

The Six Sided Summoner is a game in which players take control of summoners who try to save the fairy-tale world from the attack of mysterious shadows that appear in the land with the advent of night. To do this, players travel the world, actively expanding it thanks to the summoning ability, encounter NPCs by completing bounties for them and defeating monsters.

Inspirations - Setting & Mechanics
  1. Board Games: Stonemaier Games - especially Wingspan, Talisman

  2. Video games: Loop hero, Final fantasy IX

  3. Literature / Movies: The Wizard of Oz, Mumintrollet

Design Pillars & Principles
  1. Multiple paths to win

  2. Ability to plan ahead

  3. Decisions based on random input not output

  4. Variable factors with minimum randomness

  5. Rewards and forward momentum instead penalties and withdrawal

  6. Dramatic memorables moments

  7. Short and straight forward actions to decrease the waiting time between turns

  8. Just one more turn effect

  9. A platform for creating your own maps and scenarios, guaranteeing endless replayability

Main Features

1. Interesting mechanics:

  • Loop mechanics - Players follow a predetermined path. They get bonuses after completing each path.

  • Chaos mechanics - with the advent of night, shadows appear that have different abilities each time

  • Expand the map capabilities throughout the game - build buildings that modify the possibilities of taking actions on the map

  • Variable character development tree - the character progression system is based on cards that increase attributes, give summoners new skills, and increase the effectiveness of their actions.

  • Encounters with NPC, Monsters and other players

2. Visual style

  • Character design

  • Miniatures

General flow of the game

1. Summoner Movement - At the start of each character's turn, they move forward one space

2. Collecting tile effects - the effects depend on the buildings built

3. Perform one of five actions:

  • Collecting resources

  • Adventure - depending on the buildings on the tiles, we can: get experience points, defeat a monster, complete a task from an NPC or fight another player if he is on the same field.

  • Draw cards

  • Summon - strengthening characters by adding items and skills, building, using spells

  • Wandering - allows you to continue moving to an important tile on the map, e.g. a camp.

4. Collection and use of rewards

The length of the game and victory conditions are described in the scenario book.

In the Demo Scenario, the game ends when the Day Phase is completed, after 8 actions have been performed. The winner is the player with the most victory points.

Timeline / development milestones

  • Development & Internal testing - Ongoing

  • MVP Prototyping - Ongoing

  • Blind Playtesting - Q4 2022

  • Launch - Q1 2023

  • Manufacturing - Q2-Q3 2023

  • Retail Release - Spiel 23’

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