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Six Sided Summoner - something like a Designer's diary, but not quite

Updated: Jan 5

This post is not just a designer's diary yet, but the pace of change is so fast that it's hard to keep up with everything. Below you will find information that I called "design log", which describes the scope of changes depending on the version of the rules.

  • The file will be updated on a regular basis.

  • Sorry for grammatical errors and abbreviations.

  • If you are curious about the details of any changes, I invite you to write comments here or on BGG, where I also publish this post.

v0.9.2 - January 4, 2024

New features

  • Size of Omamori cards increased from 67x44 mm to 88x63 mm

  • Omamori cards now have an additional ability upon meeting the required character development

  • Story-related descriptions have been added to cards

  • Skirmish scenario for 2-3 players is prepared

  • New skill and item tiles was introduced

  • All Oni (Bosses) have unique skills that increase the difficulty of the fight


  • Size of Omamori, Day & Night cards increased from 67x44 mm to 88x63 mm

  • Graphic design (component layouts) simplified and changed to dark, which is more related with the theme of the game

  • All cards have new back images

  • Changed effects of Day & Night cards

  • Shadows are no longer a faction, from now they are Creatures

  • Standees revised: Large for Oni and Guaridans (characters), Medium for Creatures, Small for factions

  • Redesigned adventure cards

  • Talisman item is now treated as an Artifact

v0.9.1 - December 4, 2023

New features

  • Graphic design (component layouts) simplified and changed to dark, which is more related with the theme of the game

  • Reputation mechanics

  • Adventure cards

  • Wanderer encounter cards

  • Tori Quests


  • Actions Remake: Summon, Influence, Focus renamed to Adventure and modyfied.

  • "During Day / Night" effect added to the event cards

  • Item and Artifact cards replaced by Yokai and Omamori

  • Simplified Combat System versus Creatures to speed up and simplify gameplay

v0.8.2 - October 16, 2023

New features

  • New status effects: Freeze, Curse, Darkness

  • Events Day and Night cards

  • Unknown pickup tokens

  • Influence track was added to character card

  • Creature cards


  • Combining factions with statuses and permanent modifiers - from now on we do not fight with factions

  • Removal of slots and icons from the loaction hexes

  • Modification of Influence and Focus action

v0.8.1 - August 24, 2023

New features - the biggest cause of the change from 0.7.5 to 0.8.1

  • Inventory redesign. From now on, you will be able to store a limited number of game components (resources & tiles) in your inventory, up to 12.

  • Items cards were completely redesigned. New layout and features were introduced. Some cards will have enchanced effect after meeting requirement written on the card. Passive effects, New mechanics like monster movement, Casting spells.

  • New game conponent - Item Tiles intorduced.

  • Unique effects after moving to Mountains (move penalty) or Swamp (poison effect) locations.


  • FOCUS action remake. Take 1 Firefly and place resources on a Skill Tiles.

  • Additional move after discarding Fireflies from the inventory - rule removed.

  • INFLUENCE action modified. Resources bonus goes directly to player's inventory not on the location.

  • Resources on Skill Tiles are only used for rerolling and casting spells.

  • Turn order redesign. Skill Tiles effect activation timing specified.

  • Skill Tiles revised. Adjustment to new rules.

  • Getting Fireflies after playing action - rule removed.

  • More options for character build. You can start with resources, Skill Tiles or Item Tiles.

  • Character illustration was removed from character board.

v0.7.5 - August 20, 2023


  • SUMMON action remake - get 1 Skill Tile and place it on slot in character's board. Previousely you could "only" cast spells after SUMMON. The use of this action was severely limited.

  • Change of Fight order. Attribute roll gives a "positive luck" to the game - First roll, then decision base on the reslut.

  • Fight system simplification. Attack Source, Attribut comparison, Counterattacks.

  • New more intuitive Win/Lose condition of the fight.

  • Item durability tokens.

  • Items are underpowered comparing to Skill Tiles. Effect separation. Item effect are significantly different than Skill Tiles effects.

v0.7.4 - August 7, 2023


  • Final scoring for demo scenario implemented. After a lot of changes, completing scenario in 8 turns was too challenging (still possible).

  • Test dice introduction.

  • Removal of unnecessary resources and items trasfer between Equipment and Inventory.

  • Character status effects: Poison, Stop.

  • Removal of quests with monster fight. Quests are more unique from now.

  • Modification of Fight system: Removal of initiative, after dice roll we are fighting using Strentght or Magic only.

  • EXPLOIT and INFLUENCE can be played also on adjacent locations.

  • Player Aid with simplified fight rules.

  • Possibility to choose the type of Skill Tile. Two bags in different colors (yellow and blue). Decreased luck factor.

  • One location = One control token.

  • Rolling a dice after taking 3rd Wound to select stopped action.

  • Fireflies requirement on Skill Tiles or Items to use the effect - rule removed.

  • Monster vs Boss. Win/Lose conditons.

v0.7.3 - July 2, 2023


  • Monsters can have resources. After Charmning action, monster keeps Crystals spend by the player.

  • After MOVE action, if there is more than one type of the resource, you can select only one to pick up.

  • HP cube replaced by Wound Token.

  • Control cubes replaced by Control Token.

  • Location can stack: Tokens (not colectable), Wooden cubes (resources to collect)

  • Possibility to EVADE the fight

  • Random draw of the Skill Tiles - you don't hav an option to choose the type.

  • Fight system modification: Initiative calculation, Dice reroll by discarding resources, Counterattack.

  • Fireflies are stored on Skill Tiles and cards. To use the effect discard fireflies from the game components.

  • INFLUENCE action balancing. Control token = Action Point.

  • Will o whisp token instead fireflies on locations, after EXPLOIT action.

  • Action Points management on a character card. Storage on Action symbols.

  • HP modifications: Monster doesn't have HP. 3x Wound for player = STOP effect for one action chosen by player. For 1 AP you can cure from all negative effects.

  • Durability track on Item cards. Discard resources to repair the item.

  • Quest urgency. Quest must be solved immidiately - it is more like Encounter.

v0.7.2 - May 28, 2023


  • Monster cards as standees for better recognition on the board. Standee include all monster stats.

  • Wanderer as wooden meeple.

  • Resources as wooden cubes intead of the tokens.

  • Fight system modification. Attibute dice added.

  • Fireflies collection after perfoming any action. Number of fireflies is equal to the number of skill tiles in the action row.

v0.7.1 - May 4, 2023

New features

  • Completely new fight system, with the intention to maximize the number and importance of choices during combat.

  • Die reduction, 2 dices instead of 40.

  • Critical hit during fight.


  • Removed action cards related with Exploit action.

  • Two types of Skill Tiles introduced.

  • Remved location Zones.

  • Three methods of interaction with Location were introduced: EXPLOIT, MOVE, INFLUENCE.

  • Items Crafting base on new 6 resources management.

  • Possibility of getting Skill Tiles in the Village location.

  • Monster fights against themselves.

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