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Six Sided Summoner: Unveiling the Next Phase of Development

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Exciting news, Summoners! Six Sided Summoner is steadily progressing through its next developmental stages, and we are hard at work refining version 0.9.1 for Tabletopia.

New Graphic Design & Overhaul:

The game boasts a fresh graphic design, a preview of what's to come. Describing all the changes individually would be a challenge; instead, we'll focus on the significant improvements to mechanics, components, and graphics. The evolving names themselves will provide insights into the evolving narrative and the broader world of the game.

Scenario Card:

Introducing the scenario card! It will offer detailed information on game setup, unique victory conditions, scenario duration (days and nights), components used, character build, and map layout.

While Six Sided Summoner isn't an exploration or 4X game, the addition of unknown pickpus tokens enhances replayability, injecting curiosity about the effects of unknown locations.

Actions Remake & Reputation:

To maintain balance, certain actions underwent a makeover:

  • Exploit: Now linked with unknown pickup tokens.

  • Influence: Adds +1 to track influence or collects a track influence bonus. Introducing the influence track and the concept of reputation, influencing bonuses at the start of Day/Night and playing a crucial role in adventures and fights.

  • Summon: Develop your character by collecting the appropriate tiles and resources.

  • Adventure: Draw one card from the top of the adventure deck, read it immediately, and play all described effects.

Day & Night Events:

Effects are categorized as immediately activated, impacting creature spawning and movement, and rules that apply to all rounds during day or night.

The illustrations are used only for prototypes under a license not intended for commercial use

Quests & Adventures:

Explore quests and adventures, grouped into three main categories:

  • Card Events: Quick attribute tests with unique rewards.

  • Wanderer Encounters: Consequences unfold until completion, featuring new mechanics—bring to Wanderer and Arrangement of the skill tiles.

  • TORI Quests: Time-based quests linked to a specific map location, unlocking Yokai demon powers upon completion.

The illustrations are used only for prototypes under a license not intended for commercial use

Character Enhancements - Yokai and Omamori Power:

Yokai and Omamori cards, replacing item and artifact cards, bring new dynamics. Yokai cards unleash powerful offensive spells, causing chaos on the map, while Omamori serves as character reinforcements in direct fights.

Simplified Combat System versus Creatures:

Creatures have specific combat sources and are immune to others, introducing strategic depth to battles. Chaos cards add an element of unpredictability. Factions enhance creatures and bosses, appearing as tokens on the map to strengthen them.

We're thrilled to share the strides we're making in version 0.9.1 on Tabletopia, coming your way soon! Stay tuned for more updates and unleash the Summoner within you.

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