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Exciting news: Immerse yourself in the world of Six Sided Summoner with the v.0.9.1 release!

Updated: Jan 28

As I described in the last entry, we have completed the next stage of preparing the game and we wanted to share it with you by making it available on Tabletopia!

So far, 45 bugs have been fixed. The game does not crash, although I am aware that not all of them have been deleted. We are in the testing phase :D.

The most important game logs - click here

New items implemented in v0.9.1 - click here

List of all changes - click here

What is missing and what are we working on?

  • The most important thing that is missing is the plot and descriptions on the cards.

  • This is still a 1-player version, lasting 15-20 minutes.

  • Minimum number of skill tiles (12 types), items (5 types) and practically all cards. There will be much more, for now we are focusing mainly on mechanics, not content.

  • Difficulty level in the boss fight - after playing 3-4 games and getting to know the gameplay, the boss fight is not a serious challenge, which will be improved in the next version. For now, the record for defeating the Boss in the fewest number of rounds is still there.

  • The movement of creatures will be improved, both mechanically and visually.

  • Introduction of enchanted items - artifacts.

How to play video

I've prepared a short video about the basics of Six Sided Summoner and how to play demo version v.0.9.1 released on Tabletopia on 18.12.2023. Sorry for the quality, mistakes, and potential issues in understanding what I am explaining, although I hope that the combination of the rules and what you see and hear in the video will be sufficient to play the Six Sided Summoner demo.

Enjoy your adventure!

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