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Game Update 0.9.3: Creatures & Shadows, Streamlined Mechanics, and Kitsune miniature for subscribers!

Game Upgrade: v.0.9.3 - February 7 2024

Further improvements are in the process of implementation. For this reason, the Tabletopia version of the game will soon be unavailable. Here's a quick overview of the changes:

New features

  • Creature Cards - Activated upon encountering in the pit or through an adventure card:

    • Bounty - Earn specific rewards, including victory points, for defeating each monster.

    • We've included details on the card indicating the controlling player of the monster and the modifiers it can deploy in battle.

  • Shadow Cards:

    • Returning to their origins, shadows grow stronger with each passing night.

    • Spawn Points will be strategically placed on the map to mark where shadows emerge.

  • We've introduced a comprehensive scoring system, independent of the scenario card. Points are awarded for: Location control, Completed adventures and quests, Character development, Acquired trophies and faction tokens, along with penalties for the STOP status in the inventory.


  • Streamlining combat mechanics:

    • In all tests roll two dice.

    • Removed the initiative parameter; the one initiating the fight always begins.

  • Simplification of the skill tree on Boss and Creature cards:

    • Reduced the number of icons on the cards.

  • Changes to influence mechanics:

    • Reintroduced location control tokens for influence mechanics.

    • Pay 1 Gold for Exploiting a location controlled by another player.

  • Skill tile adjustments:

    • Removed skill tiles such as Pick up and Influence.

    • Introduced new skill tiles: Double Source and Evasion.

  • Updates to Guardian skills.

  • Overpowered items (e.g., high-damage items) now occupy more than one slot in the inventory.

  • Other graphical changes.

Free Kitsune miniature for our subscribers

We have prepared a hyper-realistic Kitsune miniature for our subscribers. If you have a 3D printer or a neighbor with a 3D printer, it is definitely worth it. 

Note: After subscribing, you should receive a welcome email with a link to the thumbnail. If you haven't received it, you will find it in the next newsletter that we send once a month

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