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Six Sided Summoner

Experience the adventure in the unique world of a new engine building RPG game

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The Six Sided Summoner is a game in which players take control of summoners who try to save the fairy world from the onslaught of mysterious shadows that appear in the land with the arrival of night and spread terror among the inhabitants of the land. To this end, players roam the world, actively expanding it with the ability to summon, meet NPCs, complete quests for them and defeat monsters. 

During the game, players have 5 main actions at their disposal, with which they will build their game engine and influence the world by collecting resources, controlling zones, exploiting locations, fighting unique creatures, completing tasks and encounters while exploring the fairy-tale world.

Victory conditions depend on the scenario description, which can be played as a campaign for single player or as individual skirmishes for a maximum 6 players.

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Key Game Features

Character build system - develop the character after placing tiles in the rows of the 5 available skills. Skills have two functions:

  • Actions that will be more extensive the more tiles of various types we place in the skill row.

  • Attribute whose strength will increase with the number of tiles in a row and which can be used in various tests and combat

Combat system - after rolling the dice, you choose the attribute and source of the attack - Strength or Magic. You can then modify the result by spending resources and items that you keep in your inventory.

Equipment is more important than HP - there is no permanent elimination in this game, but it does not mean that it is not competitive. The key is to manage the space in the inventory, which, depending on the damage received, may be filled with negative status tokens such as: Poison, Freeze, Darkness, Curse.

Time is important - As time passes, the dynamics on the map will increase. With the arrival of a new day or night, new creatures will appear on the map and move around for them, and increasing anxiety will trigger various events such as a boss spawn on the map.

Adventures - It's not just about taking tests and making decisions. You will also meet NPCs who influence the game world by introducing new mechanics, and when you open the gate to the world of deities, on the one hand you will bring a disaster to the land, but on the other you will have a chance to master the powerful power of Yokai demons. Thanks to them, you will wreak destruction on the board and the line between evil and good will be blurred

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